Black Forest Honey (Honeydew)

Black Forest Honey (Honeydew)

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Raw, not pasteurised and pure.

275 grams (212 ml)

Recommended for:

  • conditions characterized with lack of prebiotics
  • conditions which require antibacterial treatment
  • presence of free radicals
  • need to strengthen the nervous system
  • weak immunity


Black Forest is honeydew honey, which the bees collect from a liquid secreted by specific insects while absorbing sap from the plant.
It has less aroma compared to blossom honey, and it’s far richer in water (about 60%), minerals, amino acids, sucrose and fructose.
It is a nutritious elixir with limitless health benefits:
it serves as prebiotic, has antibacterial properties, helps eliminate free radicals, nourishes the nerve system, and much more.

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